Weddings Service tips


Wedding Service Tips

More money?! But seriously… have some style.

Catering Tips:
The party should tip at least 15 percent of the total bill.

Wedding planner:
Wedding planners don’t necessarily expect any tips. Although, if you are receiving a big discount a tip will be icing on the cake for your wedding day.

Wedding Photographer:
Same goes for photographers and videographers, the tip is not assumed. Once again, if they are a friend or giving you a great discount, $50 goes a long way and says a lot!

Reception staff:
Again, not necessary to tip the reception staff. Although, you probably do remember those college days when you were hustling hard at the restaurant.

If you offer a tip they probably won’t take it but will generally donate it to their church.

Makeup and hair artist:
Tip is expected here. Account for 15-20% tip or else you might not get the pretty face you bargained for!

Band and/or DJ:
$25-$50 is more than enough if they are getting the crows involved on the dance floor!

Chauffeuring that many people can be exhausting. A 15% tip is a nice gesture.

Not mandatory but if they do an outstanding job and people are awing at your florals a tip doesn’t hurt.

I know your wedding day is already costing you an arm and a leg. IF your low on budget fill your bridal/groomsmen party on some of these tips. I mean that’s the least they could do for being party of your special day ;P.