Picking the right Wedding Officiant

Getting Married and need to find the perfect wedding officiant for your big day?

Here are 5 key points outlined by a professional:

  1. Ask Around: Get started on the right foot and start with someone your comfortable with. Ask your family and friends, they know you and can guide you in the right direction.
  2. Find someone with the same faith: Are you part of a Church? Ask around with people in community with the same beliefs and values.
  3. Clarity is Key: Be clear on what type of ceremony you and your loved one will be participating in, find your do’s and don’ts and go from there.
  4. That being said be clear on your wedding officiants basic rules: Take a day out of the week and meet with your potential wedding officiant and find out the established ground rules so you don’t run into road blocks on our big day.
  5. Golden Rule: Do onto others as… bottom line be respectful and keep everything in mind going into your big day.

Contribution by:


Gigi Lee

Licensed Hawaii Wedding Officiant